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The Ferrari 348 GTB Sports Car

The Ferrari 348 GTB – A close check out this classic sports car’s efficiency, technical data, functions, contrasting rivals, history, made use of rates

from Standard to Modern

The Ferrari 348 GTB


The Ferrari 348 TB and TS sports cars went through some designing and outcome adjustments in the last part of 1993 to produce a brand-new 348 GT Series, and also were assigned the 348 GTB and 348 GTS, along with the 348 Spyder.

The colour of the bonnet and lower skirts were changed from black to the very same colour as the rest of the body.

Given that the back tyres now incorporated larger edges, the back track was raised by one inch.

The setup of the suspension was modified to enhance both managing as well as ride qualities.

A smaller fuel storage tank was included which assisted to reduce weight, provide additional area, and also add extra support to raise the strength of the chassis.

Compared to the previous cars, the engine and transmission were positioned 4 inches reduced, which would enhance dealing with as a result of the connected decreasing of the autos’ centre of gravity.

By the time production of the two seater 348 GTB Berlinetta finished in 1994, a total of 252 units had actually been built, when it was been successful by the Ferrari 355.


The Ferrari 348 GTB cars was, once more, powered by the same 3.4 litre, double overhanging webcam, V8 engine, with four valves per cylinder, as used in the 348 TB.

Nevertheless, it now established 320 bhp at 7200 rpm (312 bhp in the United States export version), and 238 ft/lbs of torque at 5000 rpm.

Fitted with a five speed manual gearbox, it created a top speed of 175 mph, as well as a 0-62 miles per hour time of 5.4 secs.

It now had 2 of the enhanced Bosch Motronic 2.7 engine control units to keep track of both the gas shot and electronic ignition systems.

The compression proportion was boosted from 10.4 to 10.8:1, there was a boost in fuel stress, the camshaft timing was changed, and a new exhaust system was included.

The Ferrari 348 GTS


Alongside the Ferrari 348 GTB Berlinetta launched in late 1993, Ferrari presented the 348 GTS cars, which did well the 348 TS

Like the TS, the two seater GTS variation was fitted with a removable Targa-style roofing system panel that could be housed behind the seats when not being used. By doing this, it benefited from either completely enclosed or a partially open design of driving.

The sills were currently in the exact same colour as the rest of the car, having previously been ended up in black.

Because it had the same engine as the GTB, there was no adjustment in efficiency.

When production ended in 1994, a total amount of 137 units of the 348 GTS had actually been developed.

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